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Re:PC lights and Pet Supply Liquidator

>>I have been casually shopping around for a power compact solution to
brighter lights and to get away from my rather inefficient T12 arrangement.
AH Supply looks like a good solution and cheap (relatively).  However, they
are nearly totally "DIY" which is my least favorite way to go, esp. given
basically no skills in that area.  Guess it may be time to learn.<<

Champion Lighting is running a sale on Britelights right now. I have
purchased several from them, and one just the other day. I searched out
price comparisons and found them to be the lowest online. In fact the big
mail order houses are only selling the Smartlite, which is a half and half
actinic and ten dollars more than the Britelight. the Britelight from Custom
Sealife now comes standard with an 8700 kelvin super daylight bulb instead
of the 10,000 it used to come with. It is also 65 watts instead of 55. A
little extra light which is nice.
http://www.championlighting.com  They also carry the much larger CSL
fixtures that hold several PC lamps, which I havnt found available anywhere
else online. They also handle VHO and MH. I fell in love with this company
three years ago, and they have only gotten better since then.

Robert Paul Hudson
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