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Red Sea, Seachem & Lamotte nitrate test kits

Tom Wood wrote:

> Aquarium Pharmaceuticals makes a servicable nitrate test kit 
> that sells for about $6. Much easier to use than the LaMotte as 
> well (I have both) and accurate enough for our needs.

I've been using the Lamotte nitrate kit for years, and consider it to be
the standard upon against which all other such kits are compared.  I
learned not to trust my AP kit, and discarded it a month later when I
purchased the Lamotte kit to replace it.  I beta-tested the Seachem
Nitrate kit last year, and just received a new one.  This kit, which
just underwent several improvements (including the reagent formula),
seems very accurate and reliable, though it's always been a little tough
for me to read.  It's very reasonably priced as well.  As with all
nitrate kits, the age of the reagents is a factor.
Michael Rubin in rainy San Francisco
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