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Re: Shrimp troubles

Daphne Freeman wrote:

>My dead ones turned pink in shell as well.  I have been adding about 5-7
>syringes (1 mL each syringe I think) of the Seachem Potassium each week to
>the 92 gallon.  Granted, the Equilibrium has some (about 1 teaspoon a week)
>and potassium nitrate has some (almost 1/2 teaspoon at most once a week).  I
>was having some pinholes develop and assumed deficiency.
>Walter suggested offline that iodine deficiency could be it.  TMG doesn't
>have any.  I considered switching to Flourish (my friendly neighborhood LFS
>called Seachem and suggested this).

Hi, Daphne.  I'm sorry not to have a solution for your shrimp woes, but I 
dose a considerable amount of Flourish Potassium in my 20 gallon and my 
shrimp are fine.  I've dosed as much as 20 ml at a time.  I don't think 
potassium is the problem.

In regard to testing for a possible iodine deficiency, you might consider 
buying a small bottle of a trace element additive designed for fish which 
contains iodine rather than dropping the TMG.  I use Kent Freshwater 
Essential for traces when reconstituting R/O or perking up tap water for 
non-planted setups, and it contains iodine.  I'm sure there are several 
products which could get the job done.  You can always switch to Flourish 
after the TMG runs out.  I just hate to see a good product go to waste :-)
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee