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PC lights and Pet Supply Liquidator

I have been casually shopping around for a power compact solution to brighter lights and to get away from my rather inefficient T12 arrangement.
AH Supply looks like a good solution and cheap (relatively).  However, they are nearly totally "DIY" which is my least favorite way to go, esp. given basically no skills in that area.  Guess it may be time to learn.

I too ran across the Pet Supply Liquidator site (http://www.angelfire.com/ca7/petsupply/index.html?intro.html 
and it looks intriguing except for the fact that they don't advertise bulbs in the 6500 K range until you get to the 48" size.
For the sizes I am interested in, 36" and 24", there are only actinics, and 10,000K bulbs; not very good for planted tanks.

Anyone out there talked to them to see if other bulbs are available in smaller sizes?

Roxanne Bittman