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Re: More Eheim Confusion

Suzy Jackson wrote re the flow rates on the 2226 and 2228:

> >The dimensions of the cannister
> >are even
> > the same, except the larger filter is taller. So how does the 2228
> > push 26
> > more gph? I would think that with more filter media to push
> >through, the
> > larger filter would have LESS flow, not more.
> I have a 2028, which is the 2228 without a heater.  It has 3/4" hoses
> on
> both inlet and outlet.  Perhaps the larger outlet hose makes the flow
> difference...

The 2226 and it's taller version, the 2228, have been supplanted in the
Eheim line-up by the 2026 and 2028, which have are identical to the
22xx series except that the new ones have integral priming pumps, quick
release tube connectors, and flow meters.  The 2226 and 2228 were
called "Eheim Pros."  The newer 2026 and 2028 are called "Eheim Pro
IIs."  Versions of the Eheim Pro IIs with integral heaters are 2126 and
2128.  Versions of the Eheim Pros with integral heaters are 2326 and

The Eheims Pro IIs have 16/22  hoses on the intake and output (16mm
I.D. x 22mm O.D. -- also known as Eheim 594 tubing).  The Eheim Pros
had 16/22 on the input but only 12/16 (a.k.a. Eheim 494 tubing) on the
output.  But within each series, the "xxx6" and the "xxx8" had the same

Not only are the same motors used in each filter, but even the
impellers are the same part number.  Every part number by part number,
within each series, the xxx6 and the xxx8 are the same except that the
media container is taller for the xxx8s.  Water must pass through three
media baskets in the xxx8s but only two in the xxx6s, yet Eheim says
that the pump moves water more quickly through the xxx8 than the xxx6. 
Would anyone else care to stand up and defend the laws of physics
against Eheim's specs?

regards all,
Scott H.

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