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Re: Whaddayya know?

Loh Kwek Leong said:
"Hey, folks, whaddayya know?

I got the above message from "you know who".

Usually I won't bother to reply to someone who doesn't even want to put
his name down in his message.  As far as I'm concerned, such people
are cowards, not worthy of a reply.

If you are wondering what his question is all about, I suppose it's to ask
if my invitation to hold a meeting in my house is open to him too.  Well,
if you are willing to fly that few thousand miles to Singapore, I'm prepared
to meet you.  Come out of your shell, please.  Don't hide.  If you got
to say, I'm sure the subscribers here will listen to you."

I would suggest to Robert...
You don't have to fly halfway around the world to talk to plant people.  I
would invite you to show up at the NEC April 12-14th.  I can promise you the
time of your life and Hartford CT is just a short drive from Long Island!

Seriously, if anyone is interested, Google "North East Council" and I'm sure
their website will pop up.  Eric "the Krib" Olson is speaking on?? is it
plants or is it some sort of photography??  (the website says plants but I
thought I heard different).  For those of you that were at the AGA meeting
this year you know what a laid back character Eric is :-)  Whatever the
topic is I'm sure it will be very interesting.  And Eric produced one of the
best ever videos (like almost National Geographic quality) I've seen on
collecting in South America.  I'm sure someone :-) will bring a video player
so we can pop in the tape and play some of it during the weekend!

BTW for you eastern APDers who have never stuck your head out of your hole
:-) the NEC IS the place to be.  I'm pretty sure that the AGA will be doing
something on Friday afternoon, they have for what the last 3 years?  It's a
great place to meet a lot of good plant people and with a little planning a
great place to do some plant swapping.  The rest of the convention talks are
about fish of all sorts (excepting Eric).  Lots of great people show up,
like Lee Finley, Wayne Leibel, Karen Randall, even when they aren't
speaking.  It's amazing what you'll learn in a weekend talking to these
people instead of just getting your information piecemeal through a few
emails.  The APD is certainly a nice place but it's just not the same as
face to face.  Check it out and make plans.  I fly in from St. Louis every
year as this is the best non-cichlid party in the US!  If you're within 8
hours driving of Hartford it would be criminal :-) to miss this!

Gary Lange
gwlange at mindspring_com