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next critique please

Ok, I've chickend out twice now and I want to be ready for 2002, so I am 
submitting my tank for a review by my peers.
It is nowhere near ready so I hope you can see where I am going with it and 
offer suggestions or criticism to keep me from straying too far off track.
Parameters: cylinder CO2 injected into eheim diffuser into Magnum 350 w/only 
blue prefilter.  Also use eheim 2213 w/half media, spray bar is vertical in 
bk lft corner. All equip will eventually be hidden when everything grows in 
(hopefully), kitty litter substrate coverd in plain gravel.  4X55W PC 
lighting 6500K 12h/day
1/2tsp K added wkly in two doses.
Inhabitants: 10-12 caridina, pair aggazzi, one fem ram, two a.eunotus fry, 
8(soon to be 20)rummy nose, 10cardinal tetras, one skunk loach.
Link to pics here, www.aquaticlounge.aquariumplants.cx/images/APD/
drawing is a little rough and pics areent' the best but any suggestions or 
advice would be appreciated,
thanks for your time,
Joe Anderson

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