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Re: Crassula

A follow up on the habitat of C aquatica.
Found in  semi turbid water (disc depth 2.8 meters)
Clumped patches 15 to 30 cm in diameter.
Sandy substrate with some loam.
pH(3 pm) 7.4
KH 5 
Temp 15C
NO3 20ppm
Depth 15 to 40 cm. No emmersed leaves.
It appears all over on one lake, and is mixed in with pennywort(the dominant
plant there), Ludwigia, Potamgeton(2 species), Ruppia, Fontinalis,
Zannichellia, Azolla, most likely a couple of other plants and as always,

The Crassula clumps are quite beautiful when seen on a clear sunny day.
Right out of a plant tank dream almost.....
Tom Barr