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How does peat filtration make CO2 chart ineffective?

Most of the plant books that have the chart showing the relationship of
CO2 level to KH & pH levels say the chart is not correct if your water
has been filtered with peat.
I assume if a 'blackwater tonic' is used, that would also make the chart
incorrect. I am hoping someone with more knowledge in the the chemistry
of it all can explain this to me, in layman terms that I can understand.

I have several tanks with some potted plants, moderate lighting, Discus,
& no CO2 injection. I periodically add some blackwater tonic to my
storage barrels, or prefilter the water with some peat to slightly
acidify my tap water, which runs about 7.8 ph, 240 ppm toatl hardness, &
4-6 KH. My discus seem to show better colors in water that has been thus
Since I change a lot of water quite frequently in the Discus tanks,
sometimes I pump water from the Discus tanks into my heavily planted
mixed Rainbow, etc, tank, which has higher light levels and 24 hr CO2
injection. I have been paying much closer attention to the pH over the
last month or so, & trying to tweak the level of CO2 & TMG addition so
as to get maximum plant growth. Though I still have a minor problem with
some "Black Beard" algea on some of the older, slow growing, plants,
overall the tank is looking very nice, IMHO.
I have been able to get the pH down to about 7.0 to 7.1 when tested at
mid-day, with KH around 5 degrees. Some of the plants bubble, but not
nearly as much as some photo's I have seen of premier planted tanks.
Since I am trying to monitor & control the CO2 level, an understanding
of the changes caused by the peat water would be helpful. I don't add
the water from the Discus tanks very often, just every once in a while,
when I don't have regular water aged & heated.
Any pointers or links to articles greatly appreciated.
David Modine