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Green thread algae

Hello Everyone,

in a very bright lit tank (2watts/liter),with an high content of CO2 
(>20ppm CO2), very likely to be phosphorus limited, and with a very low 
content of N (~ 2ppm NO3) I dose iron and micronutrients separately on 
daily base. So the 1st problem is that it's quite difficult to me to 
understand the proper dosage of micronutrients (others than iron). Water TH 
is around 30ppm. K is around 8ppm.

Anyway I have a lot of new buds in Glosso and Eleocharis, while Rotala 
Macranda is a bit suffering and has a very _deep_ purple color in its top 
leaves (hence - I guess - lack of P), much more than usual.

Some - very sparingly until now - green monofilamentous thread algae is 
starting to grow from the old leaves of Glosso or from the new ones which 
are more pale or white; plus some little tiny green spot algae on the 
glasses tank ... so which are the reasons which can lead to the growing of 
thread green algae?

Any suggestions for both the problems? :-)