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critque of Robins tank

>>Hi, assuming this is appropriate, I welcome critique on the following

I love the thick Java fern on the wood! Its blended well across to the right
of the tank and below it. But I agree you need something of a contrasting
texture or color behind it and possibly below it on the left side. I'm not
sure what. Perhaps a thick stand of a wide leaf ribbon like plant, such as
Crinum onion plants, C balansae, or Vals...even a tall wide leaf Sag.  I
think a really stong verticle plant behind the wood would be a nice offset
to the prime focal point of the wood without being to visually powerful that
it would draw attention away from the wood or clash with it. You could add a
splash of color on the left side under the wood with some small red cryps or
something to that affect.

Robert Paul Hudson