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Need plant suggestions

I have 5 bettas in 5 - 1 1/2 gal urn shaped vases with 3" substrates
composed of latrite, profile and a pretty natural golden colored gravel with
some greensand mixed in to the lowest layer.  I have them under grow lights
but I would consider the light level no more than medium at best.  So far I
have Egeria najas and a couple other bits of plants in these vases along
with the bettas, snails and some have a couple of ghost shrimp.  I would
like to add some focal point plants to these vase.  What would do well in
them?  The water temperature in most is around 70 degrees F but is warmer in
a couple closer to the wood stove.

I should add that I'm pretty much of a beginner growing aquatic plants.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Terry King