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Microworms, Jobe's - Defense Fund

Hi Everyone,

I've taken my web site (plantedtank) off the web , but if anyone here 
needs to contact me about microworms, jobe's etc. you may do so at 
this email address.

I'm not sure if I will continue making the microworms available, but 
if there is any interest in that, just let me know. The cold weather 
makes a heat pack and insulated box a necessity, so of course it 
costs more to package and ship. There wasn't much demand for the 
worms, so if I do make them available they will be in the form of a 
starter culture only. The rest of what's needed to start a culture is 
probably already in your kitchen cabinet anyway.

I will continue to do all that I can to assist the fund and am 
especially grateful to everyone who has cared about this issue. There 
are a great many people here and elsewhere who are inspiring to me 
personally. A person can go weeks, months or years and find just a 
few people whose everyday acts of kindness are that memorable. It's 
amazing to me to realize how often I notice people like that here.