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Cluster type fluorescents

  Has anyone ever tried the screw-in cluster type fluoreescernts.A couple of 
weeks ago I bought a fixture called a work light at Walmart. According to the 
hype on the
box it has the light output of 500 watts while only consuming 65..8,255 
 Since it was only 25 dollars including the bulb I though I'd give it a try. 
Only been 
on my 75 for a week so it's too soon to tell. It does produce a very white 
light and it remains cool to the touch except in the upper parts of the case.
    Very compact 8x13 inches and 5 wide which means the light is very 
though I'm experimenting with different levels to spread the light out. If it 
works, I
may add another one and still have enough room for a standard 48 inch 
 Any experiences with these?
                                                             Gary     fla.