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Re: criticism (Lindstrand)

My comments on Mr. Lindstrand's tank:


1. The first thing I noticed about the tank was the
symmetric arrangement.  Driftwood pieces on both ends,
and then an arrangement in the middle.  In general,
IMO, it is better to avoid symmetric placement of
objects.  The hydrocotoyle in the front center only
serves to accentuate the symmetric placement.  If it
were my tank, I would move the center driftwood a bit
to the right or left, and I would move the sword plant
(the largest one) behind the "leg" of the centerpiece

2. Personally I prefer a lush foreground, with only
one species.  By my aesthetic (which I admit is just a
personal thing), there would be no visible substrate. 
But in the case of this tank, perhaps options are
limited by lack of light.  One other note about the
foreground is the lack of depth.  The foreground area
is the same depth without variation, going across the
entire tank.  I would like to see some areas where it
goes further back, and others where it is closer to
the front glass.  I think that would please the eye. 
Generally speaking of this aquascape, I do not get a
feeling of depth and three-dimensions.  That is
perhaps the toughest trick to pull off.

3.  Use of red plants.  This is always a tough thing,
because without fail, the eye is drawn to the red.  I
find it a bit distracting to see only one stem of
telanthera.  As a stem plant, I expect to see a group.
 Three or four stems would be nice.  I've always loved
wallichii and I think it looks nice in this plant. 
How about framing the sword with the wallichii?  Just
an idea.

4.  Number of plants used.  I think most of us are
guilty of this.  Too many different species of plants
in one tank creating a lack of theme and continuity. 
I've come to the conclusion that if you are serious
about aquascapes, you basically need some sort of
holding tank purely dedicated to keeping plants in
reserve.  Otherwise, it is just too much.

5.  I like the silvertip tetras.  Just because I have
them too.  :)  They actually spawned and produced a
baby which is half grown....but I digress.  Tank could
probably use a few more fish, probably more cardinals,
but that of course is highly subjective and not much
to do with the aquascape.

6. Seems like their needs to be more plant mass.  A
little sparse.  With a bit of time, it should grow in.
The plants look healthy to my eye.

A question I would consider when looking at any
aquascape is "Do I get a sense of style from this
picture?"  "Do I (imagine I) learn something about the
person?"  I hope I haven't been too critical, but in
summation, that is what I think is missing.  A sense
of style and purpose.  But with a little tweaking I
think it could come a long way.  I hope I haven't
offended anyone and these comments are of use!


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