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Question about the Sylvania light posting

I'm a couple days behind on my reading, so sorry this is a little late.

I have a question about the post below.  I was curious about the Sylvania
lights and looked at the file.  As I thought I understood it, CRI compared a
light's quality to Sunlight and a value of 100 most closely represented the
that of the Sun.  Also, a temperature of 5,500K is considered close to
natural sunlight.  If you look at the CRI and the temp. of some of the
lights in the file, there is no correlation.  Some 3500K lights have a
higher CRI than a 5000K light.  Apparently I have something confused.  Could
someone fill me in?


> Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 05:31:23 -0600
> From: Augustine Rodriguez <rodrigaj at chibardun_net>
> Subject: Re:Spectra of Sylvania Fluorescent Lights
> For those interested: This is a pdf download site.
> Fluorescent lamp spectral data source:
> <http://www.sylvania.com/forum/pdfs/faq0041-0800.pdf>
> A technical bulletin from OSRAM SYLVANIA, where the folks know just about
> everything there is to know about fluorescent lamp technology.
> - --
> Augustine Rodriguez
> Rice Lake, WI USA