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Re: Stupid but will it work?

 Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 20:24:02 +0800
 From: "Wayne Wah " <tswah at mbox3_singnet.com.sg>
 Subject: Stupid but will it work ? 
 Hello everyone, 
    Aquatic plants in LFS often die or become lengthy before they are sold
 because the tanks they are in do not have the conditions suitable for
 growth. I have been thinking of a better and cheap way to store plants for
 sale and I got this idea when I passed by a florist. Flowers are kept fresh
 in the fridge so can we do the same for aquatic plants? Can we keep aquatic
 plants fresh and prevent them from growing too much before they are sold in
 this way ? Stupid but will it work ? .......
 I intend to grow cryptocoryne emersed. Do I need to keep the air around the
 plant humid or can I just grow it like any terrestrial plant? All comments
 Wayne Wah from Singapore .

I was at a pet trade show last year and toured one of the largest fish farms 
in Florida and they were a plant reseller, and their entire stock of plants 
were in refrigerators until they shipped them out. Sounds like you are right, 
but I don't know how many retailers would store their for sale plants in this