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Greger's tank

I like your tank very much.  The colors seem well balanced to me and the leaf shapes are arranged well for the most part.  It is beautiful, esp. since it has not been up long!

I do think ~150 watts for such a large tank may be a problem (too little) in the end, but then you seem to be growing Rotala wallichii better than me with 3 watts/gal, so take this for what it's worth.
The main problem with such low light will be a difficulty to grow pretty Glossostigma, i.e. nice and flat.  It may want to grow up and make you unhappy until it gets more light.

Also, for my taste, there are too many types of different foreground plants; I personally like to keep it to 2-3 maximum.  The Hydrocotyle may be a pain at some point because it will want to grow up which will block your view to the back plants.  

I love the wood and I think it's well placed.  I don't mind the wide variety of plants; I like variety.  I especially like putting Rotala wallichii next to Myriophyllum - very pretty.
Maybe show us again in 6 months!

Roxanne Bittman