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Criticism requested

I fret to show my aquarium to all of you, who seem so well initiated in growing aquatic plants. But since the dice has been thrown, I thought that I should participate in the "comment my aquarium" part. 
So, I borrowed a digital camera and took som pictures of my newly remade aquarium (having plants this time). 
The plants was planted 3 weeks ago and has been given 3 dl Ferrogan solution and 10 ml Tropica Master Grow every morgning.
I've done my first pruning and moved some of the plants to other locations. This was a week ago.
I'd like to know if I can make a better arrangement of my plants?
I'd like to listen with you if you can find any signs of malnutrition on any of the plants.
In one of the plants (green) there's big holes which I suspect comes either from malnutrition or the Orangesnails. I only have SAE and Otto's for algie control, but I have asked my local aquarium store to get me at least 10 Cardina Japonica (should I get more) at 4 $ a piece. 
They seem to be expensive little buggers.

I run a CO2 system (Dupla). PH-controlbox is programmed to 6.7 which it keeps nicely.
I have automatic waterchanges every night. 100 L pre temperated (24 h old) water, is tapped and filled.
Tank is 540 L. It measures 150 * 60 * 60 cm
Lighting is 4 * 36 W, 1 Growlux, 1 Phillips TDH -T8 (I think) and 2 Hagen Sunglow (in the front).
I suspect I need more lighting?

All comments from general "looks good or bad" to comments on individual plants and arrangement, are very welcome!

- Greger

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