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Elatine Triandra

Many thanks to my fellow Singaporeans, Jacian and Wayne. I did some search
on the net with its latin name and found some terrestrial form of it that
looks like it. However, they claim that its a rare plant? Has anyone from US
or Europe encounter this plant before? Is it new to the aquaria world?

Wayne: I got my plant from Capricorn Aquarium, used to be at fish farm rd 2
but has since moved to pasir ris farmway 2, an aquatic plant farm. As for
the other plant you mentioned, I've never heard of it before. In fact, there
are many more plants which are new to the aquaria world. I must say that the
taiwanese are experts in regard to growing and discovering of "new" plants.
I did a search on the net and the closest picture I came across is this:

Seems like it can be found in Asia, maybe in Malaysia. Looks to me that the
only way to propagate it is to wait for it to flower and self-pollinate to
produce seeds.

Chee Ming