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RE: CO2 loss through silicone tubing (was multi tank CO2)

	Well, that's a huge loss...  I'm I still doing something wrong?
	equation, wrong assumptions?

	Joe K.

Some wrong assumptions I think.  The CO2 pressure differential in the
silicone line is less than 1 psi in low-pressure systems.  I have my
three-tank manifold regulated at 2 psi with bubble counters at the
manifold.  One silicone tubing run length is about 15 feet and is
introduced at the input of an Eheim canister filter where I can see the
CO2 bubble through the tubing.  I see the same bubble rate at both ends.
Presumable there is some CO2:O2:N exchange across the wall of the tubing
but it is EXTREMELY negligible at the very low pressure differential.

If spending a buck a foot for special tubing makes you feel better about
your system though it is really a small price to pay.  If you want to
get really high tech you should check out stainless steel tubing.

Lyndle Schenck