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Re: CO2 tubing

> So, you lose about 58% (!) of your CO2 with 4 ft of silicone tubing per tank
> and virtually none with FEP.  With multiple tanks, the percentage loss is
> the same, but the total volume lost is greater.  CO2 is cheap (I just paid
> $13.65 for a 10# refill) -- but youíre also saving the cost (annoyance) of
> getting your tank refilled more often.
> Well, thatís a huge lossÖ  Iím I still doing something wrong?  Wrong
> equation, wrong assumptions?

Well one thing I can think of right now is that I don't run 15-30psi through
my tubing. I run that into my mainfold which is solid brass and steel. No
leakage there. The output from the needle valves is quite low pressure(2psi
or so). Are you sure about the silicone permeability constant? Some is
tubing is thicker than others also.
Comparing tank changes with other folks that have the special tubing I
actually use less CO2. But there are other reasons for that. Point is that
the losses are very small from my practical experience. Maybe I'm wrong but
not much. I run long lines 10+ feet also and have for a number of years.

At less than a dollar a foot your getting more reasonable with the cost
factor though. It'll take a few years to make up for it and I'll blow 10x
the $ on new fish and burning dinner in that same time. Yea, it'll save a
tad. Nice to have, I guess. Get PC lights for your house.  That will save a
lot more $.    
Tom Barr  
> Joe K.