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Plant ID help needed.

Hi all,

There is this weed-like plant which I bought in Singapore more than a year
ago and I've yet find out its scientific name. It's truely a carpet plant
that really prefers to grow horizontally unlike most plants that are
vertically inclined. Its leaves are bright green, about 1 cm - 1.5 cm, 2
opposing leaves per internode alternating in direction at every internode,
and leaf shape is something like m.micranthemoides. As it got many roots
growing from the internodes plus its stem is rather weak, it has the
tendency to lie on the substrate or driftwood and allow itself to anchor
firmly thus spreading horizontally. On closer inspection, the internodes
sometimes produces a tiny white bud that looks like its going to flower but
it does not, perhaps only for its terrestrial form which I've not tried out.

As you can see from the picture, its located on the left foreground and also
the whole stretch of  "hill" which is actually a piece of driftwood covered
totally by it. I simply tied a few strands of it along the driftwood and it
does the rest of the job!

Notice the right foreground? It looks the mini version of lilaeopsis doesn't
it? Its found in Singapore and it hardly grows higher than 2 cm. Could it be
a utricularia sp.?

The world is so big. Somewhere out there, someone  must know.

Have a good year ahead,
Chee Ming