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Re: Re: Eheim 2213 Comments

Dave pointed out:
> Just an addendum to the 2213 thread. Don't use Eheim quick disconnect
> valves 
> to  regulate the flow out of the cannister. You run the risk of a
> leak. I 
> did. I then learned from my LFS that Eheim sells clamps for
> regulating the 
> output if you need it. The quick disconnects are only for ease of
> servicing 
> the filter, and not flow control. The clamps pinch the tubing to
> lessen the 
> output. Of course, only do this on the output side, not the input
> side.
> Dave

Good Point, Dave,

I hope my prior post wasn't missleading.  Ehiem makes valves for it's
tubing, including the 494 tubing (12mm I.D.) used on the input and
output of the 2213.  It's a barb type fitting on both ends and it's
purpose is simply to control flow on a line.  ThatPetPlace refers to it
as a Stopcock (as opposed to quick-connect or tap connector).  It
should not be confused with the quick-connects.  On the other hand, any
decent valve made for half-inch (or 12mm) ID tubing will work.

Scott H.

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