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Re: Many tanks - One CO2 System

J & D Olberding wrote:

> Am getting ready to install pressurized CO2 system. I wish to run
> multiple
> tanks, approx. 25, of varying sizes from one system. Currently using
> DIY/yeast so have no experience with pressurized tank systems.
> Seeking info on most effective, cost controlled method to do
> manifold.
> I am thinking to run CO2 line in similar style one might use with air
> pumps,
> i.e. use of T connectors off main line to individual tanks with
> terminal
> needle valve to adjust CO2 delivery at each tank. The tanks are
> spread about
> in three rooms. I want the convenience of being able see adjustments
> made to
> each tank. Would this be a workable system assuming there are no
> leaks in
> all those connections. ;-)
> Suggestions, other's experience. All input welcome.

You can connect as many outputs as you have pressure to supply.   If
you can't find the parts you need on hand or at Home Depot, then check
out http://www.marine-monsters.com .  On the CO2 Accessories page there
is a Hex-manifold.  This is high quality stuff.  To save money, you can
try the cheap plastic airline valves/manifolds made for aeration -- but
be sure to do "soapwater" tests to check for leaks, these devices are
much much less reliable.

In any event, a problem you will encounter is that each time you adjust
on output, the others will be affected.  Each time you change one
output, you must rebalance the system, and that often can mean
readjusting the first one you changed.  If you don't have separate
valves for each output you might find that differences in tubing
length, output depth, etc. can cause differences in flow rates that you
don't intend -- so a valve for each output is a good idea, even if you
want all outputs to have the same flow.

It can be done successfully; but it generally takes more fiddling than
using a separate system for each tank.  If patience is a virtue, then
manifold systems are for the virtuous.   ;-)

Scott H.

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