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Re: Eheim 2213 in 20H---followup

Many thanks to Scott, Roxanne, Tom, and those who responded off-list.  The 
opinions were unanimously in favor of the 2213/20H combo as I had hoped 
would be the case.  Had plants not been involved, I would not have 
hesitated on the filter for a moment, but I've recently put a lot of time 
and energy into this small tank and was loath to tamper with it 
blindly.  But now, with doubt assuaged, my order is in and I should have a 
brand new 2213 kit in hand by mid-week.  I dedicate its first startup 
gurgle to you folks :)

BTW, Tom, you asked if the 80 gph pump I currently use is an Eheim.  It is, 
but it's not a canister, it's an internal 2008.  This tank was originally a 
"throw together" tank made up of stuff I had laying around.  It's whole 
purpose was so that I could experiment with a soil substrate after reading 
Diana Walstad's book.  Well, over the past year it's become my best tank 
and after recently replanting it, I decided it was time to start upgrading 
it.  The 2213 is the first step.  Next on the menu:  dumping DIY for 
compressed CO2.

best regards,

Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee  USA
mailto:grendel at usit_net