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Re:Aquatic Plant Book by Christopher D.K. Cook

       James, thank you for posting that informative book review.  
       "Aquatic Plant Book" is not one  of the next two plant books I will 
buy, but I am now confident in that decision.  The archives are much richer 
with reviews like yours in them.
       Pierre Gagne

James Purchase wrote:

> Several weeks ago, I asked if anyone was familiar with the book "Aquatic
> Plant Book" by Christopher D.K. Cook. I first became aware of this volume
> via the Tropica web site - they cite it as a reference for world wide
> aquatics. Based upon e-mail comments from both Claus Christensen (Tropica)
> and Bruce Hansen from Australia, I decided to try and get a copy for myself.
> The book was published in 1996 by SPB Academic Publishing, Amsterdam/New
> York and is distributed by Backhuys Publishers
> (SNIP)

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