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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1424

James wrote:

> Several weeks ago, I asked if anyone was familiar with the book "Aquatic
> Plant Book" by Christopher D.K. Cook. ...

You must have posted this during one of my APD "hibernation" periods.<g>

I've had a copy of the Cook book for years. I agree with James that it's a
very useful book, and sort of a "must have" for anyone who seriously
collects literature on aquatic plants.

It is also available in a soft cover edition which, although still pricey,
isn't quite as expensive as the hardbound.  I can't remember exactly how
much I paid for mine, but it was expensive enough that I put a clear plastic
"library" cover on it as soon as I got it.<g>

Interestingly, I pulled my copy down to see if it still had a price in it.
It doesn't, but I think that the previous owner was Canadian.  Isn't Flin
Flon MB Manitoba?