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Re: Eheim 2213 in a 20H

Chuck H asked about the venerable Eheim 2213:
> Hi all,
> I'm looking for opinions or direct knowledge on how well an old-style
> Eheim 
> 2213 cannister filter will work in a planted 20-gallon-high tank. 
> The 
> tank's doing very well with a present flow rate of 80 gph.  The Eheim
> is 
> rated at 116 gph.  Would that extra 36 gph be too much added flow
> where the 
> plants are concerned?

I think the 2213 would work fine.  The 2213 is a simple, durable

The flow rate should not prove to be too much but it if did you could
tune it down by any means of restricting the flow output -- an Eheim
valve ("stopcock", available from authorized dealers, ThatPetPlace, and
most any other dealer in Eheim parts) would allow you to adjust the
output.  You would have plenty of media volume to reduce the frequency
of water changes.  If it hasn't already, the filter will probably run
for twenty years or so before you need to replace the motor.  Replace
the O-ring more often than that. :-)

Also note that flow rates on pumps and filters are almost always given
for ideal conditions, meaning no inches of back pressure, no
restrictions, no fittings, noting to slow down the flow of water --
just the bare pump outputting water.  How well pumps perform once you
put a tube on the end, add an elbow or two, or attempt to raise the
output a foot or two above the pump, depends on the design of the pump
-- But two pumps (or filters) rated at, say 100 and 140 gph, in an
actual set up might produce 90 gph each.  Treat the rated flows as
generally guides and don't expect them to give very good comparative
values unless you know how they perform against back pressure.  BTW,
Eheim's web site actually give the flow rates for its filters under
ideal conditions and when you have fresh media in the filter.  That's
more than many pump makers reveal.  A 2213, with no obstructions is
rated at 116 gph but with fresh media and no other restrictions is
rated at 103 gph.  Most of the time, the output is probably only about
70-90 gph.

Good Luck,
Scott H.

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