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Re: Declining Diandra

>Didiplis diandra needs good lighting, CO2 additions, and some room.  when 
>the tank becomes crowded, diandra is one of the first species to decline
>and disappear. (Micranthemum umbrosum is another that does not tolerate
>You might try Eleocharis or lilaeopsis.  Glossostigma stays very low unless
>it gets shaded.  I have a variety of marselia (dwarf four-leaf clover which
>is actually a fern) that when submersed, creeps across the bottom wth short
>single leaves, looking like a minniature anubias nana.
>Paul Krombholz, in dry central Mississippi, where a lot of moisture has
>come in, and the long dry spell is likely to end tonight.

   I think I'll go with the fluffy, soft lawn look of the Eleocharis 
parvulus (hopefully, it will grow well). I have a tendency to
keep my 55 gallon very trimmed/open... the Diandra has lots of empty
space around it -- nothing that over shadows it (a small E. parviflorus 
'Tropica' and a low hedge of Heteranthera zosterifolia
on either side, with some taller R. wallichii behind it).

Thank you,


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