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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1422

>From: "Carlos Sanchez" <tsunamicarlos at hotmail_com>
>Subject: Declining Diandra
>Hello everyone,
>     Over the past three months or so, after a major
>pruning/rearrangement on one side of my aquarium, my Diandra has
>been slowly declining (I gave it a major pruning). It's never done
>particularly well, and the bottom portion of the stems keeps turning black.
>Could this be a lighting issue? I'm probably going to end
>up taking it out of this aquarium, but I love the unique foliage of
>this little plant and plan to grow it again in a 10 gallon. I'll
>probably replace it with M. umbrosum (if I can find it...).
>Aquarium conditions:
>55 gallon                             .5 mL Nitrates daily
>2x55 watt CF                          20% water change weekly
>2 mL Potassium daily                  Seachem Fluorite substrate
>3 mL Potassium Iron weekly            2x1 liter DIY CO2 bottles
>2 teaspoons of Kent Plant Supplement weekly
>    As a side note, what would be a good foreground for this
>aquarium? I formerly had E. tennellus, but it got 6-7 inches tall!
>The foreground is currently empty.

Didiplis diandra needs good lighting, CO2 additions, and some room.  when
the tank becomes crowded, diandra is one of the first species to decline
and disappear. (Micranthemum umbrosum is another that does not tolerate

You might try Eleocharis or lilaeopsis.  Glossostigma stays very low unless
it gets shaded.  I have a variety of marselia (dwarf four-leaf clover which
is actually a fern) that when submersed, creeps across the bottom wth short
single leaves, looking like a minniature anubias nana.

Paul Krombholz, in dry central Mississippi, where a lot of moisture has
come in, and the long dry spell is likely to end tonight.