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Declining Diandra

Hello everyone,

     Over the past three months or so, after a major
pruning/rearrangement on one side of my aquarium, my Diandra has
been slowly declining (I gave it a major pruning). It's never done 
particularly well, and the bottom portion of the stems keeps turning black. 
Could this be a lighting issue? I'm probably going to end
up taking it out of this aquarium, but I love the unique foliage of
this little plant and plan to grow it again in a 10 gallon. I'll
probably replace it with M. umbrosum (if I can find it...).

Aquarium conditions:

55 gallon                             .5 mL Nitrates daily
2x55 watt CF                          20% water change weekly
2 mL Potassium daily                  Seachem Fluorite substrate
3 mL Potassium Iron weekly            2x1 liter DIY CO2 bottles
2 teaspoons of Kent Plant Supplement weekly

    As a side note, what would be a good foreground for this
aquarium? I formerly had E. tennellus, but it got 6-7 inches tall!
The foreground is currently empty.

Happy holidays,

Carlos Sanchez

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