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small plant tank inhabitants? and heating?

Hello everyone,
    Visiting my parents for Thanksgiving, I realized I still had the little 
aquarium I picked out when I was 11 or 12 sitting here empty.  This is a 
All-Glass Aquarium "Designer" 4 gallon tank.  It is a rectangular shape that 
sits on one of the small ends.  This is thus a tall skinny tank, with 
relatively little surface area.  Nevertheless, it is cute, it is already here, 
and empty.  So I'm going to take it home and set it up.  I have Java Fern, 
Java Fern Windelov, and Rotala I thinking of sticking in there.  I'll have 
plenty of light.  I found some new extra small cf screw-in light bulbs at 
Lowe's.  These are the same length as normal light bulbs, and so will fit in 
fixtures teh previosu "Twisty screw in cf" bulbs wouldn't.
     I have flourite, and I"ll hook up DIY CO2.
     I'm going to look at very small filters this weekend.  This tank has a 
little UGF with it, but I don't want to use that.  I'm thining sponge filter 
may be about my only option.
     My biggest question is:  How do I heat this thing???  The hood fits 
"seamlessly" so I can't use the heater I have which hangs on the back of a 
tank from a clamp.  Heating ideas please?
     My other question is inhabitants.  Other than a beta, what might you guys 
put in this mini planted tank?  I thought of White Clouds if I can't heat the 
tank, but they are rarely available here.
      I await suggestions.