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Turkey Court

Well it does seem that a few folks have now been added to the new amended
complaint. Karen Randall is mentioned although not being sued but quoted(why
use her name in this?). Nice to see some folks will USE other folk's names
to make their point in legal proceedings and imply that they do not possess
the ability to think for themselves without being manipulated. Quaint.

I got my copy recently. You can only read about 1/2 of it. Apparently they
have sent a legible copy but it's in the mail still.

 I've told Robert Hudson that he is now on the list of "defendants". The new
folks are all ones you know already from this list and other forums. Some
are still quite shocked to be named in this suit.
No one should ever have to put up with this kind of behavior from any
business. If this pisses you off, and it should.... if you enjoy this or any
other list/forum/privacy rights etc... you may want to get involved.

Support the Defense fund. Don't let Bullies USE others, use the law, invade
other's rights to privacy(screen names, private web addresses, personal
passwords have been publicly disclosed by plaintiff on open forums) and
suppress free speech. If you just give a little bit, it helps greatly. Do
not think otherwise. It's all the small $ donations that really add up and
give a sense of community & solidarity.

Individuals GREATLY benefited from this forum and other forums. I have.
Be thankful you can express yourselves openly today then do something about
it to preserve what you have. If you do not defend your Turkey, someone will
take it away. Perhaps another Turkey.

 Happy _Tanks_giving.
Tom Barr