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RE: criticism requested


 Ok the two tanks that I would like opinions on are
 the Open Tank and the
 Discus Tank.



Nice plant growth and tell your lady friend nice job on the pics.

I would like to see however a little more of a structured plant placement.
I am very big on the Amano style of design.

For example,  In the Discus tank the tall plants stretch all the way across
the back of the tank.  I think they would look nice if they where in one
corner or the other leaving the rest of the back open.  You could design it
so that they kind of taper down to the middle or middle third.  The
foreground plants I don't particularly think should be fore ground plants.
I personally would use them in the middle or as an accent to the taller
plants in the back then use some Glossostigma (sp?) in the foreground.  It
would define each layer nicely.

The open tank looks as if you just planted things in no particular order.
Again going back to Amano style I would figure out which are the tall plants
and use them in each corner.  Divide the tanks into 2/3rds and 1/3rds area.
Put some drift wood on the edge of the plants and point to the middle and
plant the rest in descending order.  Keep the middle open or at least make
the plants and the drift wood point to the middle and put something there
that would catch the eye.

These are my two cents worth.

Dave Berryman