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criticism requested

Glen asked me to forward this to the list, due to
technical difficulties with the listserver.

Hats off to Glen for stepping up to the plate and
asking for criticism.


 ----- Original Message -----
 From: Glen Williams <glen.williams at actfs_com.hk>
 To: <Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com>
 Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2001 5:48 AM
 Subject: Re: Art and the Planted Aquarium
> > > Perhaps people can post URL's to tanks they
> > > would like critiqued, and interested parties can
> offer
> > > their advice/opinions.
> >
  I thought this was a great idea!! Was kind of
 hoping that somebody else
  would take the plunge first but it never happened
 so with this in mind here
  goes :)
  Ok the two tanks that I would like opinions on are
 the Open Tank and the
  Discus Tank.
  Just click over the picture in the introduction
 page. Then I found it
  to view by slideshow but each to their own. The
 Pictures and the web page I
  can not take credit for. My girlfriend Lisa took
 these and personally i
  think she did an amazing job. The camera for those
 interested is a Sony
  Mavica (sp?) digital. I have no idea what settings
 were used etc
  etc...Mainly because I am not allowed to touch it
  Ok Open Tank...
  I wanna call this The Jungle. Not very original I
 know but its a start.
  Mainly Swords and one variety or another.
  Anubias Foreground
  Crypt in left foreground.
  Red Tiger Lotus
  Bolivian Rams
  Apistogramma Borelli
  Cardinal Tetras
  Golden Algae Eaters (I know but the Girlfriend
 Likes them and you have to
  make concessions sometimes ;) )
  German Rams
  Some other bits and pieces that I have forgotten
 the names to but which I
  All Parameters are 0
  Fertilisers are Plantgro and TMG.
  Due to the nature of my job I don't get much time
 on to spend on my tanks.
  There are no stem plants in this tank. It is a
 great tank to work with
  though. Never really had any problems with it at
 all. Fish breed quite
  freely in it and some even survive. There are a
 couple of juvenile Bolivian
  Ram fry in there and a couple of Apistogramma
 Borelli fry in there as well.
  They survived with no help myself and I think it
 makes for better fish.
  The Lily can be a pain in the neck but copious
 amounts of pruning sort that
  out. The swords are starting to get a little large
 but I kind of like it
  that way. I do tend to prune quite heavily.
  My employment involves a lot of flying and a lot of
 time from home which is
  the main reason for the way this tank is planted.
  Moving on to the Discus Tank
  This one shall be called Through the
 Rushes....Another pathetic attempt at
  naming a tank :)
  This tank is my bane at the moment. Not because of
 the plants though. The
  fish in this tank are always going from one trauma
 to another.
  Vallis of various sorts
  Onion Plants
  Hygrophilia Difformis in foreground
  Tiger lotus
  2 Discus
  3 Angelfish
  Lampeye killies
  Panda Cories
  Plantgro and TMG fertiliser
  Parameters are all 0
  The plants do ok in this tank. The main problem is
 the DIY CO2. I need to
  get a needle valve so that I can use the JBL
 canister in this tank!!
  a needle valve in Hong Kong is proving to be a
 little hard though.
  Not for the Discus purist I know. Somebody told me
 that you could not put  angels and discus together
and I decided to see
 why!! Funny but I am
  out why now. The big blue discus is a terror. I
 thought angels could be
  aggressive but this discus
  puts them to shame. There is always some sort of
 illness in this tank.
  Strangely never with the discus. Sometimes with the
 Angels (which I put
  to bullying) and quite often with the rainbows. The
 rainbows are in the
  right range of parameters they are just sickly.
 Probably the quality of
  stock they were bred from but it is annoying. The
 Killis have no problem
  with it. They have bred a few times and amazingly
 even some of there fry
  Thats it.
  All criticism good or bad is welcome.
  Thanks for your time.

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