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Algae on front glass

Hi all,
in my low-light (29 gal tall/30W) low tech (plain gravel substrate, no 
supplementation except Flourish Excel) tank, I am getting algae growing on 
the front glass only. It comes back within 2 days of being scrubbed off. It 
is not the green spot algae - it covers the glass smoothly, not in spots, 
and is easy to rub off even with the side of my hand. It's a lighter green 
than the gsa, almost a milky green when viewed from the outside of the tank 
- it's a light green when viewed through the water side of the tank. It 
started to get bad a few months ago. The tank wouldn't get any direct sun 
even if we had any (I'm in the Pacific Northwets).

thanks for help.

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