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C. blassii flowering, pH question

Greetings all:

I posted on Nov 5th concerning growths on driftwood in my aquarium and 
falling pH levels. The growths are no longer visable but the pH dropped to 3 
measured via EM Science ColorpHast test strips. Most of the fish showed no 
signs of stress even at this level. The Panda Corydoras developed a fungal 
growth and some died. I adjusted the pH with Na bicarbonate to about 6 over 
a few days. I also added four pieces of marble chips. I am still baffled as 
to why the pH dropped for the second time. Any guesses? This is a low tech 
fish tank with plants as opposed to most of you on this list. I have to 
remain an armchair plant tank person as 4 children between 7 and 17 take up 
much time and money!

Now as to the subject heading: In this same tank one of my C. blassii is 
flowering! These Crypts were all uprooted from a 10 gallon tank about a 
month ago or so. I transplanted them into an established 37 gallon tank 
using undergravel filtration. I didn't notice any flower forming at that 
time but I also wasn't looking either. The tip of the flower is about 12 
inches above the gravel substrate so far. I thought that Crypts needed to be 
growing in the emersed form in order to flower. Anyone know if this is 
unusual? Could the low pH have been a factor in the flowering of this plant?

Thanks all for reading this letter. If anyone would give some insight into 
my pH and flowering questions I'd be very happy. Have a happy Thanksgiving 

Jerry Smith in Bloomingdale, NJ

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