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Re: DE filters

Bob wrote:
>I have a Vortex D1 filter (the small one) that I bought about 2 years
>ago.  I've used it about a dozen times to clear "green water" or
>sometimes just to polish the water.  It worked great when I first bought
>it, but now it hardly works at all.  I have replaced the filter bag, but
>that was just a waste of money.  It acts like the pump is worn out and
>doesn't have enough pressure to force the water through the DE filter
>bed once it even starts to collect any debris.  I haven't taken the pump
>apart yet.

Since you eliminated the possibility of a clogged filter bag, it sounds 
like an impeller problem.  I'd take the pump apart and check it.  If 
something is broken in there, there is what appears to be a comprehensive 
part ID list in the manual (as you're probably aware), so I assume 
replacement parts are available from Vortex for the whole unit including 
the components of the pump assembly.

Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee  USA
mailto:grendel at usit_net