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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1414

Hi Amy,

You might want to try a water based polyurethane.  It will likely 
have small amounts of solvent in it but much less than a standard 
"oil" based polyurethane.  It will require more coats but it dries 
very quickly so this is easy to do.

When faced with a situation like this, I normally move the air pump 
into a clean environment (outside?).  If you are not already using an 
air pump, add one for this period of time.  I run an airline into the 
tank and then cover the tank as tightly as possible leaving only a 
tiny opening to let excess air out.  This way, the tank is kept 
isolated by a positive pressure of clean air which will not let fumes 
and dust in.  It has always worked well for me.  Most of my tanks are 
already covered tight enough that I have not needed to add any 
additional covering to the tank.

Good luck with your flooring project!


Amy wrote:

"My husband wants to have the floor resanded and
polyurethaned, but I'm concerned that the vapors from the polyurethane will
kill the fish.

What's the best way to sand and lacquer the floor without harming the fish?"