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Re: Lacquer on Floors

Lacquer (a complex cellulose compound which contains highly volatile
organics when liquid) dries to a very hard film that is more brittle
than urethan or varnish.  So it scratches much more easily than
urethane and is not recommended for floors except by unscrupulous paint
store sales people that have too much lacquer in stock.  The fumes are
the most annoying and most toxic of all the film finishes a lay person
could apply.

It dries very quickly and needs to be sprayed to lay it down evenyly
and quickly.  In fact, if you hold the sprayer too far from the
surface, the lacquer will dry before it hits the surface -- they call
this dusting.  Some versions are called "brushing lacquers" and are
made with drying inhibitors to allow brushing.  But these work best
only on a small area, not a floor.  Water-based urethane is more
workable, dries quickly, is less toxic (to fish and humans, and is more
scratch resistant than lacquer.

Good Luck,
Scott H.

>     Be aware that polyurethane and lacquer are not the same thing. If
> your
> floor is being finished with a solvent based lacquer (which smells
> like nail
> polish remover), I would be concerned about its effect on your fish.
> It is
> also EXTREMELY explosive, and very rarely used on floors.

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