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Re: DE filters

I have an old Vortex D-1 that has served me well for many years.  Cleans up
any Laterite that gets into the water column when pruning / moving plants.
After reading a posting about how the Diatomagic filter is easier (less
messy) to set up I took a look at the filter in a catalog.  Having the hang
on the tank design would simplify set-up.  I put the D-1 in a small pail on
a folding stool and then bungy cord the filter to the stool to keep it from
tipping over.  Not the most convenient.

A couple of other points to consider - the D-1 has hoses and a gravel vac
can easily be adapted to them if that is something you might want.  I have
found this useful at times.  The D-1 has a few areas that, if not sealed
properly, can leak water out of the filter or let air in.  Generally not a
problem, but takes some getting used to.  Vortex diatom powder is sold in 5#
boxes and I recently learned, from this list, that it can be bought, cheaper
yet, from swimming pool supply stores.  The recommended quantity is 1 cup of
diatom powder in the D-1 and 3 cups for the XL.  The smaller filter cleans
my 75 very nicely.  Extreme messes might require a second charging of the
powder.  Regardless of which filter you choose keep in mind that inhaling
airborne particles is to be avoided.  It is light and will drift in the air
if not handled carefully.  Wear a mask or handle very carefully and keep out
of reach of children and pets.

Jay Reeves

BTW here is the vortex page   http://www.diatomfilter.com/