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H. polysperma/creepy crawly

Hey all,

A couple of things:

1. Is Hygrophila polysperma a poisonous species? The
reason I ask is that after I trimmed a whole bucket
worth from one of my tanks, I noticed that my cat had
dragged two very long strands out and polished them
off in short order. Now, she will beg at the tank for
more! This was three days ago, and she has not vomited
or shown any other signs of distress, but I didn't
know if there was something that I should know. 

If harmless, I may have started my own "Super Asian
Catnip" business. <LAF!>

2. I got a shipment of wildly healthy plants from
Aquatic Plant Depot, and there were some hitchhikers
in with the Riccia. They appeared as little
caterpillars but they would "nip" off the ends of Sag.
subulatta and situate themselves so that they were
inside the bitten end with the head out. They looked
like Sagittaria snails as they creeped around the
tank. Pretty wild but they seem to be harmless (except
to Sag....) I have spent hours watching them make
houses out of my plants. Any ideas on what they may
be?Other than fascinating, of course.

There is always something new to watch.....

John Wheeler

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