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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1414

> > I originally had a Magnum and, as another poster mentioned, it clogged
> > up really quick.  Now I have a Second Nature Diatomagic filter.  When I
> Yes, just for in-between clean-up (polishing). How big is your tank?

    It's a 75g although I am certain it could handle a tank twice that
without issue.  I really can't recommend the Diatomagic enough, it is a very
well designed, well built, and functional product (I have, unfortunately,
bought my share of "crap" for my aquarium).  Prior to purchasing it (a year
ago on ebay for $80) I researched and narrowed my choices down to either the
Vortex D1 or the Diatomagic.  There was some complaint with the D1 involving
messiness, so I opted for the Diatomagic and have been ultra-pleased with
it, possibly moreso than anything else I have bought for my aquarium.