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RE: Root Bound

Chuck H. Wrote:
"I'm thinking now that the roots poking out of the substrate may be due to
the plants becoming root bound in the small tanks and/or because the
substrate is too shallow (I usually shoot for ~3"). Both of these tanks
are/were a year old or more and have never been seriously molested in that
time, so the plants have had plenty of time to become well established and
prodigiously rooty. Too rooty it seems."

I have several crypts in my 60 gal. tank and one large one in my 10 gal.
tank and have noticed little "hairs" of roots sticking up similar to your
descriptions.  I too was curious after reading your first post, but both
tanks are less than 5 months old and neither are root bound by any degree
that I can determine.  I can see under the substrate in the 60 gallon with a
flashlight in the stand, and the root growth is very extensive under each of
the crypt areas.

I am a little worried that my substrate might be a bit on the thin side --
2.5 - 3"...  But both tanks will need to be dismantled when I move into a
house (room for more tanks!) this summer, so hopefully it is enough depth to
last till then.  


PS I would like to report that my 60 gal is visibly algae free and plant
growth is once again phenomenal.  Thanks again to Tom B. for all his posts.
Yesterday I felt guilty throwing away a ton of Sagittaria and Vals that were
spreading too fast! Not to mention the Hygro, rotala and chain swords!