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Thanks Rachael, and UK nitrate test kits. Was Red-brown Amazon Swords

Rachael wrote :-
 > Subject: Re: Red-brown new leaves on an Amazon Sword
> I had a similar problem in my tank. You did not post your nitrate

Ummm, no I didn't ! That is because I don't have a nitrate test kit (yet)

> but mine were 0 at the time. I found that adding nitrate in the form of
> to 5-10 ppm caused the sword (Red Rubin) as well as the Hygrophilas
> (polysperma, salicifolia, and corymbosa stricta) and twisted val to lose
> their red-bronze coloration.

Thanks for your interesting information Rachel, red-bronze is a good
description of the colour in the amazons that are just slightly affected,
but the two harbii are a real sad red-brown  :-!(
I think that my nitrate will also be very low, since there is only a very
small fish population in a big tank and with good growth on some of
the other plants I expect that they are soaking up any available nitrate.
So it looks like I will have to get a test kit this week and try out your
suggestion of KNO3 in little doses to see how things go.

The trouble is that in the archives there has been some discussion about
test kits not agreeing measurements one with another, so I am uncertain
what type to get.
Attention UK members on the list :-
Anyone recommend a good nitrate kit that is available in the UK ?
Or better still, some diy chemistry to cook it up myself  ?!