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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1412

This is just a rough response but maybe it will be some help.

pH readings generally ahve a bit margin of error of at least 0.2 or so
-- depends on how well the the colors were printed on the comparator
and how well you asess fine differences.

KH readings also have some margin of error.  Fold the combined margins
of error together and then see what the range is for CO2 within those
margins -- you'll see quite a wide range of values with even small
variances in pH.

CO2 "direct" tests, in my experience, are harder to read than pH tests.
 Although I have had pretty good results with Hach's.

This might help explain your readings -- even though it doesn't tell
you which, if any, is right.

Scott H.
Davy Cleys said:
> This is the third posting of the same message... still hoping to get
> some
> reaction (almost giving up on it). With all the expertise on this
> list, one
> should expect to get some answers...
> > I am having problems determining my exact CO2-levels. I get
> different
> > results...

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