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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1412



I have a HOT and am not impressed w/it as a water polishing device (I know
others like it so consider this just one man's opinion). The micron pleate
does not do well without DE coating it, and once coated I have found that
the pleate only works well when the pleate is brand spanking new and has not
been used too many times.

Even when I soak a used pleate in a bleach solution ovenight and then rinse
well, It does not last very long until it clogs up. If I have GW in my 55G
(which I have right now, see other message if interested), I have to stop
filtering, remove the pleat, rinse,  wait till it slows down (clogs), and
then repeat - several times... and I think it is a PITA.

I don't consider it the best "SUB"-micron flter, but it works great for
taking larger particulate out of the water.

I wish I had a real purpose-built Diatom filter. That being said, Chuck, you
did not mention the brand of your filter. Is it a Vortex?

- - Jeff

thanks for your comments. I am leaning towards a System One at this point.
Magnum sounds like a PITA, and I don't want that. I got some negatives on
Vortexes too. But nothing but good comments about System One. (of course
it's the most expensive!)

Chuck has a Vortex.

I'm still watching for more comments, however.