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Re: CO2

>> Is it possbile that the pH, KH and CO2 relationship is not valid in my
> tank
>> because of the presence of other buffers than just carbonates and
>> bicarbonates? 

I'd doubt it.

I don't know which others buffers that would be since I
> added
>> nothing to the tank water yet, not even fertilizers... My phosphate-levels
>> are approx. 0.2 mg/l according to a Dupla test kit. Is this enough to
> render
>> the pH, KH and CO2 relationship unvalid?

It's quite valid. You'd have very high PO4 levels if the system had a PO4
based solution in your tank causing deviation. I think what be going on is
some stray current from your pH moniter(lighting and ballast, pumps, heaters
etc) may be affecting your pH readings. Other wise I'd stick with the table
over the kits. Turn your equipment off then take a pH reading. See what
difference is. Test your probe in the reference solution. I take the table's
reading generally over other readings.
Tom Barr 
>> Any thoughts, anyone?
>> Davy Cleys