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GW, TMG and Flourish....

Just when I finally got the hang of using TMG I ran out in less than a
month. The only local place I know of (Albany Aquarium) doesn't carry TMG
anymore, but has moved to Seachem...

During the Fert change I got a bout of GW and wonder if I need to put in the
Same, More, or Less Flourish/Flourish Iron...

Tanks specs:
Heavliy planted 55G (consumes about 4.5mgl NO3 every two-three days), lots
of light (110W PC), Lots of CO2 (25ppm per the chart)....55 Gallon (OK, so
it's a Ford Pinto on Steroids).

I am currently adding about 10 ml Flourish and 5 ml of Flourish Fe every Wed
and Sun.

Too Much? Too little? Give the Pinto less steroids (light)?


- Jeff